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As Your Business Changes and Grows So Should Your Website.

While the goal remains the same: to build and increase awareness or sell a product; your site can not sit still. We’re often find it surprising to see how a carefully-designed website looks and feels the same even after six to seven months or even after a year.

If you want your site to be successful, you cannot give your complete attention on marketing the business only and forget about the website. Having a stale and stagnant site will surely lead your consumers straight into the arms of the competition.

At Ecommerce House we put together a holistic solution after analyzing your site to identify problem areas and capability gaps. We do it all; from making sure your site is always up and running fast to making constant improvements to enhance customer experience.

Our Services

Website audit

We ensure that the performance of your ecommerce store is up to the mark by performing a comprehensive ecommerce website audit.

Fixing Tech Issues

We instantly address technical problems such as site downtime, security breaches or any necessary system update when you need it.

Performance Management & Optimization

We keep a check on the site speed and performance via site speed checkers. Based on issues identified during the audit we optimize your site for speed.

Security Maintenance

Cyberattacks against Ecommerce sites could lead to payment and data safety concerns. Hence, we ensure to identify and fix the flaws in code to achieve high stability and keep your store secure.

Version Updates

Depending on the version of your platform, we will help with the following work: security patches installation, software updates, resolving plugin compatibility issues after platform migration, testing store after updates.

Theme Updates

We examine compatibility of current themes and eliminate any visual or functional difficulties shop owners may face after the upgrade.

Extension Updates

We provide timely updates for proprietary extensions and third-party, as well as proper quality assurance to ensure that they are still compatible with the rest of your shop.

Adding Value To Your Ecommerce Store

When it comes to ensuring the success of an e-commerce website developed by our team of professionals, we follow an objective approach that is fully result-oriented and carefully fine-tuned based on your business requirements

  • Thorough review and management of CMS core files
  • CRO audits and stress tests
  • Update inventory and product information
  • Assessment of traffic, leads and sales
  • Review and update plugin files and firewall updates

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